About Appleseed

Appleseed is a startup nonprofit consultancy, working to unleash the development sector's potential for impact, through behavioral marketing.

We are a small but nimble team of professionals who share a core set of values. We live and work to serve others, and impact is our bottom line. We are listeners, constantly and curiously exploring the cultures and the world around us. By understanding people in their communities, we can, through our projects, inspire them to adopt the choices and actions that improve lives and the environment.

Despite being spread across the world, our team is close-knit and we work hard to protect our culture of freedom, fun, learning, and self-discovery. We do this through quarterly book-clubs, constant chatter over Slack, providing each other with direct feedback, trips to visit the communities we serve, and more. We trust our people to work for the right reasons, however and whenever works best for them, and to always be accountable to each other.

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